Casement EntryGard Dual Arm Operators

Casement windows can operate with several different pieces of hardware to keep the function of opening and closing running smoothly. Depending on the type of window you have, our inventory is compatible with existing windows.

  • A dual-arm operating system is just that – it works with two arms to open and close. When engaged, the arm action works in concert. The sash is pushed open while simultaneously pulling the hinge on the sash side to the open position. This silky-smooth operation makes opening and closing easy and simple.
  • Windows in tight spaces have always been a challenge open and close. The Dyad Operator was designed for this situation – narrow windows will not accept a dual-arm operator. Windows that are 11 inches between stops is maximum. On the low end, nine inches between stops is the maximum radius, as the window doesn’t open more than 90 degrees.
  • A single-arm operator can be the answer to the problems in your home windows. It has all the advantages of the Truth’s Single Arm Operators and the design measures of the EntryGard model. This is an effective solution for narrow windows or trapezoid windows that uses a butt hinge or a round-top window.


When the windows in your home are not working well, reach out to the experts at Window Hardware Company. Our inventory has a wide variety of products that can solve any problem you may have. Our inventory is one of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area, and it covers many different styles of windows. Hardware replacement may be required or upgrades to your current window hardware. We define your needs and provide the right window hardware to keep your windows working well. When evaluating windows hardware, our inventory of EntryGard window hardware is the industry standard.

    How do you know what you need?

    Window hardware problems need a windows expert to solve them to ascertain the type of windows hardware you will need. At the Window Hardware Company, our team of window consultants will determine the best course of action. Casement windows need the right hardware that is manufactured to work with the technology that created the slide open function. EntryGard products that will improve your window functions, and it is the best hardware the industry has to offer.

    To discuss your problems and create effective solutions to get windows working well and keeping them working, contact our office at the Window Hardware Company for a complete consultation. Get the right part when you need it from us at the Window Hardware Company when you call us today at 905.856.7202.


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