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Amesbury Truth Hardware - Casement, Awning, and Skylight Window Accessories

  • Brackets: 23 Series, EntryGard, Maxim, Encore, clip studs, snap studs.
  • Covers: Encore, EntryGard, HS, WLS.
  • Gaskets: 15 Series, 22 Series, Maxim, Encore.
  • Handles: long handle, folding handle, ADA handle, contour handle, tee handle, hand knob.
  • Keepers: 16 Series, 24 Series, patio door keepers, stainless steel keepers.
  • Limit devices: SafeGard casement window opening control devices and limit devices.
  • Miscellaneous accessories: detached clip, pivot shoe rivet, plastic latch for multiguard lock, and more.
  • Sash accessories: sash lifts.
  • Shims: 24 Series sash lock shim.
  • Skylight window accessories: Clerestory pole adaptors, HS faceplates, poles, Sentry II transmitters.
  • Snubbers: Brick Mold snubbers, Side Jamb snubbers.
  • Support plates and Maxim support plates
  • Tie bar guides
  • Tracks: Maxim, Encore, and stainless steel tracks for casement and awning windows.

Amesbury Truth Hardware - Hinges for Casement, Awning, and Skylight Windows

  • 4 Bar hinges: 401 stainless steel standard duty hinges.
  • Awning window hinges: right and left hand awning hinges.
  • Casement window hinges: Maxim, Encore, right and left hand casement hinges.

Amesbury Truth Hardware - Locks for Casement, Awning, and Skylight Windows

  • 16 Series locks: non-handed and HomeGard sash locks, left and right handed EntryGard sash locks.
  • 24 Series locks: Maxim, multi- and single-point locks.

Amesbury Truth Hardware - Operators for Casement, Awning, and Skylight Windows

  • Awning operators: 22 Series front and rear mounts, 23 Series pivot shoes, Encore, Maxim, level lock and roto gear operators.
  • Casement operators: 15 Series Dyad, 15 Series EntryGard, 15 Series Single Arm, 23 Series, Encore, Maxim casement operators.
  • Skylight operators: manual, motor, pole skylight truth operators.

Amesbury Truth Hardware - Patio Door Hardware

  • Patio door locks: patio door secondary locks.
  • Patio door locks with wings: patio door secondary locks with wings.
  • Patio door rollers: steel housing, steel or nylon rollers.


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