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At Window Hardware Company, our comprehensive online inventory includes any part you could possibly need to repair your patio door. 

Patio Door Locks

Four main locking systems are sold by Window Hardware that guarantee a sturdy and trustworthy lock. The Nexus Mortise Lock System is a Truth Hardware product with either two-point (stainless steel or carbon steel) or multi-point lockset options (stainless steel). The Nexus system is ideal for wood or vinyl sliding doors. These systems provide individually adjustable locking points to ensure your patio door is secure. Mortise Locks are a Truth Hardware product designed to work with a variety of other patio door parts and any doors made of aluminum, vinyl or wood.

Secondary Limiters are available as spring loaded and foot operated systems. These limiters are manufactured to withstand a forced entry attempt of up to 400 pounds! A great addition to any patio door to provide additional security to a home. Finally, the Sentry Lever Activated Manual Shoot Bolt is designed to operate with an easily accessible lever to secure the door panel at both the top and bottom. This provides a versatile system for integration with many locking mechanisms in order to improve the overall security of the patio door.

Patio Door Rollers 

Two main types of patio door rollers are available at Window Hardware Company. The first utilizes steel housing and a steel roller that can hold up to 400 pounds. The second utilizes steel housing and a nylon rolling system which can support up to 250 pounds. For these rollers, usually two need to be used in tandem to operate a patio door.

Make sure your patio door is ready for summer by updating or replacing any broken or worn out parts. At Window Hardware Company, our comprehensive online inventory includes top-of-the-line AmesburyTruth Hardware to ensure your patio door will be sturdy and secure. If you need help locating a part or determining which style of system is right for your door, contact one of our friendly and expert staff members at 1-844-254-2010.

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