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Patio Door Secondary Locks & Replacement Parts

If you are looking for a quality patio door locks replacement part, Window Hardware Company has expert Truth Patio Door Secondary Locks & Replacement Parts to serve you in an hour of emergency. They are spring loaded and foot operated Secondary Limiters that can easily engage and release for added security. Moreover, these Amesbury Truth Hardware Patio Door Locks Replacement Parts can withstand an impressive, forced entry attempt.

How to Find a Replacement Patio Door Locks 

  • Match your Original Part: Check your original patio door lock part before you toss it to ensure you find a matching replacement part from the Window Hardware Company. When you pick the right part, you can be confident that the replacement part will fit and function as intended. 
  • Pick a Colour: The finish and colour of your replacement patio door lock should match the rest of your patio door. With multiple Amesbury Truth hardware in stock, you can select a finish that is right for your existing door making for a cohesive look to your entire door. With the right colour, you won’t be able to see that your lock is new. 

When Do You Need to Replace Your Patio Door Locks?

  • Is your door not shutting? 
  • Is your door not opening? 
  • Is your door not staying locked?
  • Are there are drafts from your patio door? 
  • Do you see signs of wear & tear?
  • Has your patio door lock been damaged? 

Contact the Window Hardware Company 

For help finding the right patio door parts and replacement locks, contact the Window Hardware Company. With thousands of Truth Amesbury replacement hardware in stock in various colours and styles, we can help you select the perfect patio door replacement parts for your needs. With our vast inventory, high-quality products, and reliable customers service, you can save the costs of a total patio door replacement by upgrading your lock. 

For most homeowners, the door to the patio is the entryway into their summer escape. The patio door is an essential gateway that takes homeowners from the comfort of their indoor property to the outdoor world. When your patio door lock stops working, it can spell trouble for homeowners. 


  • Security: Patio Door Locks are essential for security and home comfort. Being able to lock entrances to your home allows you to ensure that your property and everyone in your home is safe from potential trouble outdoors. When your door cannot lock properly, it can cause stress and even a lack of sleep from security issues. A seemingly small or minor window replacement part can significantly interfere with your daily routine.
  • Comfort: When a patio door cannot lock properly, the door can sometimes open on its own on windy days, removing the barrier from the external elements and your home. As a result, cold wind, rain, heat, or even outdoor debris like leaves, rocks, and insects can enter your home, leaving you and your family uneasy.
  • Costs: When unwanted outdoor air enters your home through broken windows or doors because of a malfunctioning patio door locks, your internal heating and cooling mechanisms are forced to work harder to maintain comfortable interior temperatures, leading to higher heating and cooling bills. Broken windows and doors can also exacerbate wear and tear on air conditioning systems, causing more costly damage and repairs. 

You can avoid the costs and discomforts when you upgrade your patio door locks with high-quality Amesbury Truth Window replacement parts. You can have your patio door lock working securely in little to no time to keep you and your family safe and happy. 

Contact us if you have any questions or view our replacement locks to learn more.

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