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Rest assured that you're getting the best replacement window parts as we carry all AmesburyTruth OEM hardware, which is made in the USA using only high quality material.  Superior quality means energy efficiency and cost savings for you.  You also get peace of mind with high-end locks and window components designed with security in mind.

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Truth OEM Hardware

With the hundreds of combinations of parts, it can be difficult to find the right part to suit your needs.  If you're really having trouble determining what part is for you, consider taking several high-quality, up-close digital pictures of your setup and email them to us at

Also please see the colours and finishes chart to assist you with your colour choice.

Additionally, our manufacturer has this to say in order to assist you in making the right purchase:

How to identify a product

1. Refer to AmesburyTruth Product Catalogue for product identification only.

2. Products are segmented by window or door

  • Hinged window that opens out or into the room (this section also includes skylight products)
  • Slider Window (slides up/down or back and forth to open)
  • Patio Door Products (sliding and swinging doors)

3. Once you've identified the type of window or door find the picture that best represents the product you are trying to replace.

4. Each time you select an area you will be provided more detail on the product until you reach our detailed section of our product catalog.

  • Upon reaching the detailed section you can compare products dimensionally to the information in the catalog.

Here you can view a Google photo gallery of all our parts. Hint: when viewing an individual product, click the "More Info" button on the right-hand side to see the "filename" — that is the part number.

full parts catalog for window hardware
Photo Gallery of WHC Parts

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