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Window locks are an important component of home security. Homeowners want to be able to sleep at night knowing that their windows are securely locked and incapable of being picked. When it comes to window locks, you therefore need parts that are both aesthetically pleasing and trustworthy in terms of design and function. However, what do you do if your lock is broken, damaged or old? How do you determine which product to purchase to restore your home security?

At Window Hardware Company, we have a comprehensive inventory of window parts to fit every model and style. We sell high-quality Amesbury Truth Hardware parts including the EntryGard and HomeGard locks in a variety of finishes. In this blog post, we will discuss these two exceptional window locks and how you can determine which lock is right for your window with the help of Window Hardware Company.


EntryGard Locks

EntryGard produces reliable, handed locks for a variety of window models. The EntryGard Sash Locks are available for both right- and left-handed windows. The locks are made with a high-pressure, die-cast zinc case and handle as well as a zinc dichromatic steel back plate and keeper. Amesbury Truth’s E-Gard Hardware involves a multi-stage coating process three times better than common zinc plated finishes. This creates a finish that is resistant to a wide range of corrosive materials and environmental wear and tear, while providing an aesthetically appealing addition to any window. These locks are protected under the comprehensive Truth Warranty for Window and Door Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors. 


HomeGard Locks

HomeGard offers non-handed Sash Locks available in bronze, copper tone or white. These non-handed locks are combined with a handed keeper in order to function on home windows. The design features a high-pressure die-cast zinc locking handle and case, a galvanized steel plate and a plastic latch to provide a strong and effective locking mechanism. A detent in the locked and unlocked positions give the homeowner a sense of security while operating the lock. The HomeGard is also made using E-Gard Hardware to ensure the lock is resistant to damage over time. Overall, these locks seamlessly fit into the aesthetic of a window while ensuring it can be safely locked. The HomeGard locks are also protected under the comprehensive Truth Warranty for Window and Door Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors. 


At Window Hardware Company, we provide a wide range of window parts to help fix or upgrade any home window. This includes a range of accessories, hinges, locks and operators in a variety of finishes. Our website can easily be searched by category or part number to help you find your desired product. Our high-quality Amesbury Truth inventory can provide you with long lasting hardware that will allow you to easily operate and lock your windows for years to come. For more information on any of our parts, contact our expert team today. We can help you determine which part is right for your window and help you locate and purchase it through our website. Contact our team at 905-856-7202. 

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