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Windows are an important part of any home. However, when a window is broken or missing a part, it effectively becomes useless. Without being able to open a window and enjoy some much-needed fresh air, your window will only allow a view of the outside. When your window is broken, it can also be difficult to determine which part needs to be replaced and where to purchase the correct piece of equipment. That’s where Window Hardware Company comes in: your one-stop-shop for high quality, Amesbury Truth window parts. Our comprehensive inventory contains almost every window part imaginable, in a variety of colours and finishes to seamlessly fit into the aesthetic of your window and home. 

Amesbury Truth Hardware High-Performance Casement Hinge is a top-of-the-line product for use in a wide variety of casement windows. The hinge can support a window with a sash up to 140-pounds and includes a built-in roller to help reduce friction during operation. Overall, this provides smooth action even if the hinge is operating under its maximum limit. This is part of the innovative patented “shoe design” of the hinge. Remarkably, it can withstand pull-out force up to 240-pounds in the open position, allowing the window to easily deal with most wind conditions. The stainless-steel finish provides corrosion protection to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions. This versatile hinge can be used on vinyl, composite, wood and aluminum windows.

The purpose of the High-Performance Casement Hinge is to help window manufacturers meet the new energy specifications that require many windows to now have triple pane or laminated glass. By increasing the weight and size of windows, most designs now require a hinge engineered specifically for these dimensions. There are also several options to customize the hinge for your specific window needs, including adding a Hinge Stop. These safety features can help prevent damage if the hinge becomes disengaged in some capacity and can limit how wide the window will open, an important feature if the window will be installed more than two stories above the ground. The entire hinge is protected under the Truth Warranty for Window Door Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors. 

Overall, the High-Performance Casement Hinge is a low friction part designed for use on large or heavy residential and commercial windows. The hinge is hidden between the sash and the frame to reduce maintenance and ensure a seamless exterior aesthetic when the window is closed. Made in the USA, these high-performance hinges are the ideal part for use in most casement windows and will last for years to come. 

At Window Hardware Company, we provide a wide range of window parts and accessories, including top-of-the-line Amesbury Truth equipment. Whether you are looking for a hinge, lock or operator, we provide a range of parts for casement and awning windows in all shapes and designs. For help determining which part you need for your window, contact our team at 905-856-7202. Our team of experts is always ready to help with any question related to window repair and operation.

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