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The windows in your home open up the space and allow much needed light inside and can appear simple and straightforward but windows are actually a complex installation of different parts that work together to provide views while keeping the elements outside. Windows that are poorly installed with subpar quality parts will create more stress for you in terms of maintenance and increased home operational costs.

A complete window installation requires all the right parts

Most window setups employ several different parts that must be properly installed to ensure maximum function, efficiency and visual aesthetics.

  • The window sash is the inner frame that holds the glass in place. The sash can be operational or fixed, depending on the design of the window and can either slide vertically or horizontally.
  • Hinges are common on casement windows that open and are installed on the fixed part of frame. Hinges can be adjusted to allow only a certain amount of movement of the window.
  • Openable windows will always have some sort of lock or lever mounted on the inside frame which can prevent the window from opening or slid from the outside. Some windows may have be able to lock in the open position.
  • Pop-out windows have window operators along the bottom of the sill and open the pane outwards. Different window designs could offer a few different opening positions which would be set by the window operator.
  • The sash lock is a physical locking mechanism that secures multi pane windows together. Installed on the inside of the window, the sash lock provides security and reduces movement of the panes during storms and windy condition.
  • Operational windows have handles installed on the frames to provide leverage when sliding panes open or closed. Some window designs use a crank system and have a hand crank that is turned to open and close the window and offer a greater degree of accuracy.
  • The frame surrounds the entire assembly and provides support to the inner frame and sashes. A strong outer frame is essential in maintaining stability for the glass and provides an airtight seal from outside elements. Inner and outer frames also offer the opportunity to express your own sense of style with unlimited options for design and colour.
  • The window frame in fixed setups is the inner frame that connects the window glass to the outer frame and keeps it secure to the entire installation.
  • The window glass is the final integral part of the installation. Fixed and operational windows can have either a singular or multi paned designed and offer a wide variety of tints and UV blocking capabilities. 

Quality window installations completed with top notch parts will save money for you in the long run by reducing or eliminating maintenance and window replacement costs. Another benefit of correctly installed windows is reduced energy costs and repair and maintenance costs for HVAC equipment by preventing air leaks from inside the home. Professionally designed and installed windows add a premium aesthetic to any home and higher quality products will increase the value of your biggest investment. View and shop online at Window Hardware’s vast online shop for any window part you need.

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