Truth Window Crank Mechanism

If your window is located in a difficult-to-reach place, for example over a kitchen sink, you may want to consider installing an easy to open crank window mechanism or operator using the Truth window crank or handle from Window Hardware Company. Cranked windows require minimal strength to be opened or closed. In addition, they don’t have sashes or rails resulting in a spectacular view of the outdoors without any obstructions.

Truth Window Mechanisms used with the Truth Crank or Handle for Casement Windows

Casement windows combine aesthetics and convenience in a single window system. They are hinged on the top and the bottom and open sideways to the left or to the right. Casement windows are easy to open and close. The crank or handle is used to operate the mechanisms. These mechanisms are also referred to as window operators. They control the open and close movement of the window sash on casement windows.

Clerestory Skylight Pole Crank for Awning Windows

Clerestory Crank Window Crank Mechanism Amesbury TruthUnlike top and bottom hinged casement windows, awning windows are hinged on the sides.  The windows swing from the bottom outward.  They are installed for openings where the width is greater than the height.  The Truth cranked awning window operator or mechanism that is difficult to reach may require a special Truth window crank or handle . The Pole Crank is the perfect solution!

●     Clerestory Skylight Pole Crank offered by Window Hardware Company operates by means of a flexible shaft positioned inside a long tubular housing made of aluminum and allows for reaching any window from 8' to 11' off the floor. 

Casement Window Handles

Long Handle Window Crank Mechanism Amesbury TruthWhether you are shopping for awning or casement window handles, using the Truth window crank or handle will allow for smooth and effortless operation of your window for years to come. At Window Hardware Company, we offer a broad range of window handles that would perfectly match any window style and design!

●     Long Handle can be used with any of the Truth casement or awning window crank mechanism or operator.  It is offered in Aluminum, Bronze, Satin Nickel, Coppertone, Beige, and White colours.

●    Contour Handle Window Crank Mechanism Amesbury TruthFolding Handle is another type of crank handle that is suitable for both awning and casement windows. Window Hardware Company offers Bronze, Coppertone, Beige, and White options.

●     ADA Handle has a longer contour shape and a larger diameter. Choose from Bronze and White colours.

●    Contour Handle offered in Bronze, Aluminum, Coppertone, Clay, Beige, and White options add a sleek look to your casement or awning window.

●     Tee Handle Window Crank Mechanism Amesbury TruthTee Handle is a “T” shaped metal handle, which can be used with any Truth awning or casement roto gear operator. You can choose between either Coppertone or White options.

●     Hand Knob is made of electrostatically coated metal and is offered in Coppertone and White colours.

Shop at Window Hardware Company for Your Window Crank!

Window cranks are becoming more and more popular due to making window operation smoother and easier, while also offering a wide range of design solutions. Whatever type and style of Truth window crank, handle, operator or mechanism you are searching for, you can be sure to find it at Window Hardware Company store! Shop online at to find Amesbury Truth window replacement parts for your awning and casement windows in Canada or the United States or call us at 844-254-2010.

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