Casement Window Parts: Hinges, Locks, and Operators

Casement windows offer homeowners convenience and aesthetics in one window system. They are ideal in virtually every part of the home, and can provide many years of performance when well maintained. Because these windows are hinged at the side and crank outwards, casement window parts are easy to access and easy to replace. Today, high quality casement windows are energy-efficient and airtight, thus preventing air intrusion and air leakage. Very easy to open and close, these window systems provide excellent ventilation (and light) throughout the home. Like other mechanical systems in the home, keeping things well maintained will ensure longevity.

Window repairs and casement window parts

From season to season, and in any size home, windows experience natural wear and tear. Even the best quality window will sometimes require hardware replacement. And although this may not represent a major repair, it’s important to get the right parts for the right window. Shopping at Window Hardware Company is easy, and we offer flat-fee shipping coast to coast in Canada.

Casement window parts from Window Hardware Company

At Window Hardware Company, we stock well over 10,000 parts in our general inventory, and so we’re confident that we’ll have the part you need. From casement window parts, to awnings and skylights, our parts are genuine brand AmesburyTruth™ and 100% guaranteed every time! Best of all, our knowledgeable staff can provide helpful advice, while helping you find what you need.

Maxim® Casement Hinges

Maxim® casement hinges are designed for larger casement windows (maximum 40" x 84") and provide easier washability and cleaning than other AmesburyTruth™ hinges. These window hinges come with a built-in adjustment feature that allows for simpler re-alignment. Maxim® casement hinges have a “notched” track to clear any corner welds in a vinyl window frame. Available in either assembled form or knocked down (designed to complement other Maxim and Encore products).

14 Series® Hinges

The 14 Series® adjustable hinge is a concealed hinge that allows for quick sash re-alignment without disconnecting the support arms. These hinges provide strong performance along with smooth operation. A special “stop” feature is designed to prevent a window from opening past the 90-degree position. Available either assembled or knocked down (in 10" or 14" lengths). This series offers various hinge models with a variety of washability options and egress options.

Low Profile Sash Locks

Sash locks from AmesburyTruth™ come with a clean, low profile design, able to withstand 250 lbs. of forced entry (each lock). These sash locks offer 5/8" pull-in, as well as tandem locking for taller window applications. Material specs include die-cast zinc case/handle; steel back plate; steel keeper; and steel locking cam. The finish is electrostatically applied to the lock, with a choice of durable coatings that offer excellent resistance to scratching, chipping, and corrosion.

HomeGard® Sash Locks

HomeGard® sash locks are the ideal low-profile option for windows with small side stops. With a 5/8" pull-in, these window locks provide a secure feel when locking up. HomeGard® locks will withstand negative air pressure of 275 lbs. (each lock). In terms of aesthetics, the smooth contemporary style fits well with the low profile sash lock product selection. HomeGard® sash locks are perfect when upgrading window systems, without the need to alter existing stops and/or screen sizes.

Maxim® Operators

Maxim® operators provide optimal performance when opening and closing larger windows. These operators are fabricated with a sealable housing that reduces water/air infiltration without having to use caulking or sealants. Available in various styles, Maxim® operators use the same mounting location on every window. Stainless steel options are available for more specific applications. For maximum efficiency, Maxim® operators work with Maxim® hinges and locks.

Encore® Operators

Encore® operators provide the strength and performance of Maxim®, but with a snap-fit cover and full-flip folding handle. Encore® operators actually require 33% less effort than others, and are designed for the same mounting location as Maxim®. Here again, stainless steel components are offered for specific applications. The innovative folding handle is able to recess, thus giving windows a smooth and contemporary look, eliminating any interference with blinds/curtains.

Casement window hardware from Window Hardware Company

When ordering casement window hardware from Window Hardware Company, you can be sure of the very best replacement parts. We carry AmesburyTruth™ hardware, made in the USA, with the highest quality materials. Superior quality means better value and better security with every install. Best of all, our online store sells internationally (Canada, USA, and the rest of the world).


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