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casement window partsCasement windows are a category of windows all of which hang vertically and open or swing out from the sides. Casement windows are commonly found in residential properties, especially houses. There are many window parts that play into the functionality of a window. When you shop for casement window parts you may need to match the colour or even the handedness of your window, depending on whether they open left or right.

If you are in need of casement window hardware replacement parts, you will want to select products of the highest quality. Not everyone can afford new windows when something goes wrong, however, finding the right casement window hardware replacement parts might be all you need. Take your windows seriously. After all, windows are important as they serve many functions for your home, family and life, including safety, air quality and privacy.

When your casement window starts to falter or decline in performance, repairs with high quality  Amesbury Truth Window Hardware can make all the difference, returning your window to its original condition. At the Window Hardware we stock a variety of casement window parts. With over thousands of Truth Hardware replacement parts in stock, you can find matching replacement hardware that will save you the cost and stress of sourcing a window replacement.

Anatomy of a Casement Window 

Casement window parts are similar to awning window parts, the main difference is how they work. The key hardware in a casement window are hinges, sash, operators, and locks. When one of these casement window parts fail they can directly impact security, functionality, and indoor comfort. 

Signs You Need New Casement Window Parts 

A window that is declining performance overtime or due to age will make itself noticed slowly, but eventually its weaknesses will be hard to ignore. 

  • Time: Generally casement windows will last about 20 to 25 years depending on how they’re used, how they’re maintained, and what conditions they’ve been exposed to externally. Depending on your original casement window parts, a freak ice storm can expedite aging and damage significantly. 
  • Rust: Most metals are susceptible to rust. Bronze, brown, or orange buildup on metal parts like hinges, nuts, and bolts are a clear sign of rust. Over time rust can further enhance damage to window parts by interfering with its operation and wearing adjacent parts. Replacing rusted casement window parts early with high quality and durable Amesbury Truth Hardware can prolong the lifespan of your window by protecting it from damage. 
  • Wear & Tear: Look out for physical signs of damage like scratches, chips, or cracks to your casement window parts and window sash. Rogue objects, accidents, and even hail can impact window parts. To fortify your window against damage, consider upgrading to durable Truth Window Hardware. 
  • Operation: Sometimes damage to windows is not seen but felt during use. If you’re struggling to close, open, or lock your windows there is likely a problem hidden within your casement window parts especially the operators, sash, locks, or hinges. 

Casement Window Hardware Replacement Parts

At Window Hardware Company in Woodbridge, Ontario, we offer the largest assortment of casement window hardware replacement parts, including window casement locks, operators and hinges.

  • Locks: Choose quality window casement locks to protect your home and your family. With respect to window casement locks, we offer a wide assortment of 16 series locks, such as non-handed Sash lock in bronze, coppertone and white. We also offer the HomeGard® sash lock in bronze, coppertone and white. Additionally, we offer 24 series locks, such as the Maxim® multi-point, Maxim® single-point, single point and multi-point locks. In Maxim® multi-point locks, three components work together to take care the needs of larger casement windows. An integrated system, Maxim® ensures you will have the most attractive, and top performing windows available while being easy to operate.
  • Operators: Casement window operators allow you to open and close your windows. When you need this part replaced, do not delay and choose quality as it is most important and should be managed with ease. Window Hardware Company provides the largest assortment of awnings, casements and skylight operators. For example, we carry the 22 series front mount, 22 series rear mount, 23 series pivot shoes, Encore®, Encore® narrow, lever lock, Maxim®, Maxim® narrow and roto gear. We provide a number of casement operators, such as the 15 series dyad, 15 series Entrygard®, 15 series single arm, 23 series, Encore® and Maxim®. Last but not least, we have excellent skylight operators, such as manual, motor and pole.
  • Hinges: Casement window hinges keep your windows exactly where they should be! At Window Hardware Company, we carry all the hinges you might need, including 4 bar (like 401 stainless steel standard duty), awnings and casement hinges. With respect to casement hinges, we carry Maxim® /Encore®, right hand and left hand adjustable casement hinges in adjustable/washable and standard types. The same applies to our awning hinges. Whatever your casement window hardware replacement parts needs might be, we likely have the product in stock. 

What Makes Casement Windows So Secure?

Selecting the right casements for updating your window offers great security. Considering the fact, casement window mechanisms are some of the most excellent window operating styles.

Since casement windows shut down and lock flush with the frame, it is basically impossible for an invader to maneuver the casement window mechanism from the outside. Moreover, the hook-shaped arm is embedded in the frame, that ensures proper sealing. Therefore, no extra hardware is needed to maximize the security your casement windows.

The Best Way to Shop for Casement Window Hardware Replacement Parts

When shopping around, consider a company that has been in the window parts business for a long period of time to ensure you are getting the best products, advice and service. You will want to choose a company that has extensive experience dealing with various window manufacturers, contractors and homeowners. Seek out staff members that are knowledgeable, courteous and eager to help you find the parts you are looking for.

Quality and craftsmanship and quality materials matter, and you want to be certain that you are getting exactly what you need. Go with a reputable and recommended company that sells window hardware you can trust, so you can be sure to get the best parts available. Window Hardware Company in Woodbridge, Ontario offers all of these attributes and carries all AmesburyTruth OEM hardware, made in the USA using high quality materials.

Finding Matching Window Parts 

Replacement casement window parts allow you to easily and affordably extend the lifespan and durability of your window. To guarantee the quality and longevity of your replacement window parts, it’s important to find matching casement window parts. Window hardware is important as our windows serve so many purposes in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to casement window hardware replacement parts, it is imperative that you select products of the highest standards, materials and quality. Window Hardware Company has the best selection of these products, crafted by U.S. and Canadian manufacturers. Choose the best parts for your windows, your home and your family.

AmesburyTruth Window Hardware Distributors

At the Window Hardware Company, we stock Truth Window Hardware suitable for a range of casement windows. You browse right-handed, left-handed, and non-handed parts in addition to a full range of colours (bronze, white, coppertone, and more). For more assistance finding replacement casement window parts, use our online colour matching guide or reach out directly to the window hardware team for assistance. 

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