Buy Truth Window Casement Hardware in California

If you are looking for an authorized distributor of Amesbury Truth Window Casement Hardware in California, Window Hardware Company is your go-to online store!  Window Hardware Company offers a wide selection of casement window replacement hinges, locks, and operators – all at competitive prices and shipped directly to you, whether you are located in Canada or the United States. All of the parts featured in our catalogue for both casement and awning windows have 100% Amesbury Truth quality.

Top Quality Truth Window Casement Hardware in California

When you buy from Window Hardware Company, we make sure that you get the best Truth Window Casement hardware in California. All of the parts that we carry are genuine Amesbury Truth and are manufactured in the USA with only the top quality of material. Premium quality of materials means better energy efficiency and less energy costs for you. You can also rest assured that your home is protected with our high-end locks and other window parts designed to keep your home safe and secured.

For Casement Window Operators, Visit Window Hardware Company

In our online store, we offer a huge selection of operators for casement windows. Amongst the top Truth Window casement hardware in California, we offer a wide variety of casement window operators. Our operators have electrostatic-coated high pressure zinc housing, with the gear arms made of hardened steel and E-Gard coated. The drive worm is made of hardened steel as well.

Here are some of the most popular operators at the best prices in Canada and the U.S.:

  • Maxim Series Operators include Left Hand Maxim Dual Arm  and Right Hand Maxim Dual Arm operators, which are created for windows that are 24’’ to 40’’ in width and up to 84’’ in height. Maxim Series Operators are available in Bronze, Beige, Coppertone, and White colours to match any interior. Don’t forget to buy 14 Series Maxim Hinges to ensure the best performance of the Maxim Operators!
  • The 15 series EntryGard Operators for casement windows fit windows that are 20’’ to 32’’ wide and up to 60’’ high. Here, the proper 14 Series Casement Hinges are required as well to ensure the most reliable operation of your casement window. Choose between Left Hand EntryGard 4–7/16’’ and Right Hand EntryGard 4–7/16’’ 
  • The 15 Series 13.5’’ Ellipse Roto Gear Operators are designed specifically for windows 20’’-24’’ wide and up to 65’’ high. Buy Left Hand Ellipse Roto Gear Operator 13.5’’ or Right Hand Ellipse Roto Gear Operator 13.5’’ along with the proper 14 Series Casement Hinges at the most competitive prices at Window Hardware store. You can also choose from Bronze, Coppertone, Beige, or White options to ideally suit your interior design.

Buy Casement Window Hinges at the Lowest Prices

The Amesbury Truth casement window operators from Window Hardware Company work best when coupled with the 14 Series Casement Hinges. These hinges are composed of tracks and reinforcing, both made from stainless steel, as well as brass studs and E-Gard coated arms. Visit our online store and choose between 10’’, 14’’, and 13’’ sizes as well as between left- and right hand orientations.

Casement Window Locks from Window Hardware Company

To keep your home secure with Truth Window casement hardware in California, make sure to install appropriate locks for your casement windows! We offer a variety of locks for right and left hand orientations, and let you choose the colour to match your window and décor, whether it is White, Beige, Coppertone, or Bronze.

Shop online for our 16 Series Locks or 24 Series Locks:

  • The 16 Series Locks have a die-cast zinc housing and a handle that are both electrostatically coated along with a steel locking cam. You can find both handed and non-handed types of 16 Series locks in our online store at the lowest prices.
  • The 24 Series Locks have both the case and the handle constructed from electrostatically coated zinc alloy. Amesbury Truth E-Gard coating is then applied to all internal components. Go for the best single point or multi-point locks from Window Hardware Company and choose between Aluminum, Coppertone, White, or Beige options to suit your personal taste. You can find both handed and non-handed 24 Series Locks at our online store.

Shop Online for Casement Window Accessories

Among Truth Window casement hardware in California, Window Hardware Company offers a broad selection of casement window accessories, such as brackets, covers, gaskets, handles, keepers, limit devices, and much, much more.

When order your  Ellipse Roto Gear Operator, you can complete your order with a Folding Handle in White, Bronze, Beige, or Coppertone, or a Long Handle in Aluminum, Satin Nickel, Bronze, Coppertone, White or Beige.

For All Your Window Parts Needs, Visit Window Hardware Store

Finding premium quality Truth Window casement hardware in California to perfectly match your needs and desires is easy with the Window Hardware Company online store. Simply go to today and browse through a full range of casement window operators, hinges, locks, or accessories for any size of window – and any colour too!

We are an authorized distributor of Amesbury Truth window hardware for both awning and casement window types, and therefore all of our parts are made from the best materials and are 100% guaranteed. We care about our customers, and therefore offer the most competitive prices and ship our products throughout all of Canada and the United States.

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us at or call 1-844-254-2010 (Toll Free).

Start shopping for your replacement parts today!

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